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What You Need to Consider When Buying a Moisture Meter

This article describes a moisture meter, how it works, and the factors you must consider when buying it.

A moisture meter is a small instrument used to measure moisture content in grains, feeds, food, wood, starch, and medicine.

There are two types of moisture meters: pin and pin-less. The main difference is that the pin type has steel probes inserted in the material, while the pin-less type has no steel probes.

The pinless type uses an electromagnet sensor to measure the amount of moisture.

For the pin type, it uses the principle of electrical resistance. The pins are inserted in the material, and the amount of current flow is used to determine the amount of moisture in the substance. The higher the current flow is, the more the moisture content in the material.

Moisture Meters in Kenya

To acquire a reliable and durable moisture meter, consider the following factors while purchasing;

Price of the moisture meter

Price is always an essential factor to consider because it determines the meter quality you will get. In most cases, high-quality meters usually have high prices compared to low-quality meters. Hence you will need to look for a meter with the price you can afford now.


The accuracy of a moisture meter makes it reliable. It is essential to look for a meter that will make more accurate readings. Accuracy is vital because if you get the wrong readings, it may lead to losses. After all, the material measured will be damaged by the moisture.

Type of material

Material type affects the moisture meter to be used. An example is wood because using a pin-less type to measure moisture content would be more efficient than the pin-type moisture meter. But a pin type can be used efficiently in the case of grains.


Ensuring that the moisture meter purchased will have acceptable tolerances when the readings are taken multiple times is essential. Repeatability plays a vital role in ensuring readings are handled quickly and accurately.


Moisture meters come with different specifications depending on the manufacturer. The most important specifications to consider are dew point accuracy and humidity accuracy. Other specifications you can consider are the size of the meter itself and the pins and their weight.

Measuring depth

In some cases, you will find that the depth of the material to be measured is high. You will hence need to consider the efficient type of meter to use, either the pin-less type or the pin-type moisture meter depending on the depth.

Brand type

Consider the best brand to ensure you get an efficient, reliable, and durable moisture meter. You can gather information from sources like the internet or friends and relatives who have used or purchased a moisture meter. One of the essential pieces of information to look for is the durability of the products they manufacture, the duration they have been in the market, and also the efficiency of their products.


In summary, if the above factors are considered when purchasing a moisture meter, one will get a reliable, efficient meter.

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