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Which casino licences are chosen in Poland

The Polish gambling industry has gone through plenty of ups and downs from the very beginning. First, the war destroyed the existing casinos; then, the Soviet Union enforced a lot of banns connected with casinos. Since the advent of an online casino, the current Polish government has drafted and passed rules and regulations to weaken the process of rapid development of the market. Since 2009, “kasyno online legalne w Polsce can only operate freely if they have a licence. So, Polish casinos operating these days have certain licences. You are encouraged to check when and how a casino gets a licence and which ones are owned by Polish casinos. 

How to get a casino licence? 

A licence for casino operations can be gained from several countries like Costa Rica, Latvia, Montenegro, etc. Most official representative organizations are located in these countries thanks to the special policy. Suppose a casino possesses a licence provided by one of those country representatives. It indicated that the casino is transparent regarding financial records, decent, and honest with its clients. So, you freely trust them and enjoy your stress-free casino games and offered bonuses. Each country has its conditions and terms for obtaining a licence. It is important to meet all the requirements to complete the verification process. The licences that a casino has been listed on their official websites. So, can go through them and check what guarantees the casino. Lastly, licences are not provided for the life-long term. Therefore, the casino should undergo a verification process after the licence term is over.  

Licences that Polish casinos own 

Online gaming licences have been issued since 2011, after the introduction of the Gambling Act of 2011. According to the latter, many online casinos were banned and closed, marked as illegal. So, there were only some casinos in the market to compete. Currently, no casino is verified by Poland Gaming Authority. Only casinos with international licences can be accessible to the players. Although the Polish government does not penalize the players, it has become hard for gamblers to find a casino to play with real money. 

If you are interested in sports betting, some sites have licensed by the Polish government. However, if you are looking for casinos to play real money, you must look outside the country. Gibraltar and Malta regulate several casinos, and they offer one of the best services to their players. 

Online Casinos Authorized by The Poland Gaming Authority

As stated above, Polish Gaming Authority licences no online casino. This is because of strict rules imposed by the Polish government, which does not allow the operation of any online casino within the country. So, no casino can be found claiming that they own a licence from the country’s Gaming Authority. Albeit the restrictions, the number of gamblers is increasing yearly, and many opt for international casinos. The government does not punish gamblers for doing so, but they do not possess any responsibility if you are deceived. So, before trusting any, you need to devote some time to ensure that it is a trustworthy casino. 


Currently, the number of online casinos is increasing in Poland; however, the government does not allow the legal operation of such organizations in the country. Only sports betting possesses verification from Polish Gaming Authority. The government can license no other casino. However, international casinos possess quite a reliable licence that players can opt for. There are various license-providing countries, each with special terms and conditions for the verification process. 

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