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Why do Payday Loans Cost So Much?

You must proceed with caution when considering a payday loan if you cannot manage your finances properly.  Although it is a helpful tool by default, if you are not careful, it can harm your circumstance. To avoid future issues, you should also be prepared to repay the loan as promptly as you can.

The general cost of these loans is typically the query that people have the most frequently. It can sound frightening to hear the stories of people who took out payday loans and ended themselves in serious debt. However, when you look a little deeper into those accounts, a pattern of reckless behavior frequently emerges. If you use a payday loan the way it was created to be used, it does not have to be pricey.

You must not use payday loans for luxuries and other such things. A payday loan is an option that can assist you quickly addressing a difficult financial situation; as a result, it becomes quite expensive if the term is extended. For any expenditures that you cannot define as urgent, you should go with traditional loans available on the market instead.

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Reasons Payday Loans Cost So Much?

  • Higher risk for lenders:

Lenders face a greater risk from payday loans.  Payday lenders lower the risk by increasing the cost of the loan because there is no security for it. This is because the lender cannot recover an unsecured loan’s security if you default on it. Secured loans use collateral to help recover the debt if you are unable to pay them back, which is not feasible with payday loans. If this happens, payday lenders increase the cost of the loans.

  • A large number of defaults:

Due to the high rate of payment defaults, payday loans have higher costs to assist compensate for business losses. This is mainly because many people take out payday loans without considering the repercussions. For instance, some people take out payday loans for things other than what they were intended for (such to buy frivolous items), and they fail to plan how they would repay the principal and interest.

  • Increased APR on payday loans:

Payday loans’ compounded annual percentage rate is another factor that makes them seem pricey. The annual percentage rate (APR) for several payday loans available in the market can occasionally exceed 1,000%, however, there are key factors to consider when evaluating these rates.  The payday loan’s APR is calculated based on a full year of repayment. This is why it is so high given that this was not the loan’s intended use.  Payday loans are intended to be obtained for a brief period. Most borrowers will use this loan to cover expenses until their next payday before fully repaying it.

It is important to remember that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has placed restrictions on the interest rates that payday lenders can charge. To make payday loans more equitable for customers, the FCA established new regulations in January 2015.  Interest rates on payday loans are now regulated at 0.8% per day.

These stricter regulations have eliminated the less reputable payday lending companies that were previously reaping the benefits of unreasonably high payday loan rates.

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