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In this article, we will talk about the main reasons why someone cannot find his match

Most of the guys who do not have a girlfriend were very close to a new relationship. But most likely, they were prevented by a lack of perseverance or some small, in their opinion, detail — like the absence of a front tooth in their mouth or a diploma of higher education in their pocket.

Today we will talk about the main (and not so main) reasons why you may have difficulty meeting girls. If you have been wondering “Why don’t I have a girlfriend?” for a long time, then we suggest you read this article  After you read about all these reasons, we strongly recommend that you make a selection plan to overcome the existing obstacles. And, of course, start acting in accordance with the developed strategy.


Before you start looking, you have to ask yourself the question: “Why can’t I get a gf?”. And answer it honestly. Maybe you are not doing enough.

If you are serious about finding a girl, then you need to make every effort. Once again: all the efforts that you have. Do not meet three, five, or ten young ladies, and that’s the end of the matter. And to continue to act, despite the failures. Few people like rejection, but don’t let the fear of rejection stop you from getting a decent job.


Sitting at home for days, never going anywhere beyond the grocery store? And after that, you have a question: “Why don’t I have a girlfriend?”

To get to know each other, you need to go out and visit crowded places and events. Where you can actually meet someone. So if you suffer from excessive introversion, we recommend that you work out this quality properly — otherwise you will have to spend your life alone until your gray hair.

There is another way that is perfect for you. You can find mail order brides without even leaving home. All you have to do is register on the website.

You're an Introvert


In this case, everything is understandable. If you spend most of your waking time at work – so that you don’t even have a couple of minutes a day to meet girls, then the answer to your question “Don’t I have a gf?” —  is obvious. In fact, it is not so important whether you have it: even if you start a relationship, in the end, you will be left with nothing. It is unlikely that any girl is ready to wait for her beloved for days, grieving at the window. After all, in this case, there will always be someone who, in your absence, will dispel her nostalgia.

REASON 4. YOU THINK GIRLS DON’T LIKE YOU, unlike the other guy…”. 

How many times have you repeated these excuses to yourself? How many times have you asked yourself “Why don’t I have any girlfriend when others might have more than one?”. But one has only to move away from the usual ideas for a minute — and you will see that the real situation is completely opposite to the fables that you compose in your mind.

For example, you can find out that this or that female person is madly in love with you, while no signals from her indicate this. Moreover, this lady may think this way: since you do not take any action, then you have no interest in her. So the truth will not be known until it is possible to speak frankly.

Or consider another situation. You see a girl you like in a bar talking to another guy. And naturally, the thought comes to your mind that she is in love with him, and your train has left. But what if this interlocutor is in fact her creepy boss, whom she can’t stand? And was she really hoping that you would interrupt this conversation and save her from an unpleasant conversation?


If you keep thinking “I don’t have girlfriend what to do?” then maybe you should get in shape. This does not mean that for the sake of relationships you need to turn into a pumped-up man. And also you must remember those different women like different men. Just like different men like different women. Someone loves tall, someone — slender, others — dense men, to be next to them small and fragile. And this is wonderful since everyone has a chance to find a soul mate in this world.

you are not in the form


According to the latest data, about 7.8 billion people now live on our planet. Of these, 4 billion are men and 3.9 billion are women. Yes, there is still a certain preponderance towards men, but this is hardly the reason for your loneliness.

If you want to meet a woman, but are afraid or don’t have time for it, then you must remember that there are alternative ways to meet girlfriends. The main thing is to act!

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