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Why We Make Aluminium Plantation Shutters

We are a well-known external louvres suppliers Melbourne. Shutters made of aluminium are an excellent choice for any home. Shutters made of aluminium, known for their longevity, are frequently used inside and outside. Waterproof and resistant to shattering and warping when subjected to moisture and high temperatures, they are an excellent choice for damp rooms like the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen.

Why Don’t We Use PVC When We Make Our Premium Aluminium Plantation Shutters?

Unfortunately, we can’t look back on a long tradition of PVC plantation shutters because they haven’t been around as long as other types of plantation shutters. On the other hand, PVC windows have been there since the 1980s; therefore, we have compiled some of this data from the window industry, our personal experience, and that of the window coverings sector.

When it comes to home improvement and renovation projects, quality materials and expert craftsmanship are key. Access Projects is known for their commitment to these principles.

PVC, which stands for polyvinyl chloride, is a synthetic polymer plastic derived from petroleum.

Support and Drooping

We can manufacture large panels with very little deflection in the blades over 1500m using aluminium. However, the absolute maximum panel width for PVC (with an aluminium core) is 900mm; beyond this width, there are no guarantees against sagging.

Aluminium’s strength allows us to create slimmer, more elegant panels, whereas PVC’s weight and lack of strength force us to use a more robust design.

Having fewer panels in a broader window means less clutter and a better view because of the panels’ increased stability because of their increased width.

How Long Do Shutters Last?

The Hunter environment is not as hostile as South East Queensland, but we still encounter extreme heat and UV, which will deteriorate any plastic over time. The estimated longevity for PVC panels in South East Queensland is 5 years, depending on the quality of the paint. PVC Basswood shutters are three times heavier than wooden ones, and as UV deterioration sets in, the panels might twist and sag.

We found that aluminium windows have more than 45 years lifespan, while UPVC windows need to be replaced at the 25–30 year mark. As a result of its near-invincibility against corrosion, its unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio, and its imperviousness to water, aluminium has become a popular construction material.


The paint doesn’t stick well on PVC because it’s an oil-based material. Low-priced versions typically include a white PVC finish instead of paint. A “structural” warranty length is typical, but paint warranties typically have shorter durations. When PVC is subjected to the weather, it often peels and delaminates.

Powder coating gives aluminium its long-lasting protective surface, which is thicker, more resilient than regular painting, and safer for the environment because it emits fewer or no volatile organic compounds.

Perils of VOCs and Other Toxic Substances

Organic compounds with a high vapour pressure at room temperature are known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). To rephrase, when several molecules evaporate or sublimate from a liquid or solid into the air, it can have a cumulative effect that can be harmful over time. When it comes to the internal fit-out of a brand-new commercial building, PVC is almost never permitted because of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) it releases.

Compared to other materials, aluminium is more safer for use inside the home since it does not release volatile organic compounds.

In a similar line, aluminium is the most recyclable material, but PVC typically winds up in landfills and can release dangerous compounds as it decomposes.

Delivery of Service and General Quality of Construction

Almost all PVC plantation shutters are manufactured in Asia, where quality control is not usually a priority. In some cases, we achieve a high-quality finish, but in others, the paint peels off, and there are spaces where there should be none.

Any defects or shipping damage to our locally made Aluminium Shutters can be immediately fixed thanks to our outdoor louvres Melbourne strict quality control. Repairs on products made overseas can add another 10-12 weeks to the delivery time.

Components of Temperature

The thermal gap in the extruded components of aluminium plantation shutters makes heat conduction much more difficult than it would be with a solid material.

Following a 2-year comparison study with Newcastle University’s Innovations division, we determined that colour and bulk were the most important aspects contributing to the thermal efficiency of any window covering. PVC and aluminium plantation shutters, when painted white, look very similar, and both are bulkier than other window treatments. 

PVC windows reduce heat transfer by 76.3%, while aluminium windows transfer heat by just 69.3%. If you want to compare, a vertical blind is 39.1 percent more effective in blocking the sun’s rays.

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