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Why You Should Choose Innago Over AppFolio

With so many property management software options out there, you may feel overwhelmed trying to decide on the best one.

Two of the most highly regarded platforms on the market right now are AppFolio and Innago. But in the Innago vs AppFolio matchup, who’s superior?

In this article, we’ll be going over why you should choose Innago over AppFolio.

Innago Is More Affordable

AppFolio’s pricing model includes two plans. The first is the Core plan, which is geared toward small and mid-sized landlords and offers most of the basic property management features. It costs $1.40 per unit per month, with a minimum monthly payment of $280 (or 50 units). 

The second plan offered by AppFolio is the Plus plan, which is aimed at larger landlords and includes everything in the Core plan plus additional features like workflow management and performance insights. This plan costs $3 per unit per month, with a minimum monthly payment of $1500 (or 500 units).

Innago’s pricing model is quite a bit simpler. With Innago, you have access to every feature for free, regardless of how many units you manage. How can this be? Innago is able to remain completely free for landlords by charging tenants small fees for certain add-on services. These include:

  • Online Bill Payments – When a tenant pays for a bill using ACH, they’re charged an additional $2 fee. When they pay using a credit or debit card, the fee is an extra 2.75%.
  • Rental Applications – Applicants are charged for a tenant screening report. It’s a $30 fee for a credit and criminal history check or $35 to also include an eviction history check.
  • Renters Insurance – Innago offer renters insurance, which tenants can purchase directly from the platform. Renters insurance policies are individually priced.

Innago’s Features Are Preferred

Not only should your platform be cost-effective, but it must provide all the features your business needs.

Here’s a list of Innago’s core features:

  • Tenant screening reports
  • Customizable applications
  • Online rent payments
  • Online leasing and electronic signatures
  • Listing syndication and marketing tools
  • Automated payment reminders and late fees
  • Tenant messaging tools
  • Invoice automation and recurring billing
  • Maintenance request portal
  • Financial tracking and reporting

Here’s a list of AppFolio’s core features:

  • Resident and owner management
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Virtual marketing and leasing tools
  • Online maintenance
  • Full mobile capabilities
  • Continuous software updates

If you upgrade to the Plus plan, you have additional features, such as:

  • Workflow management
  • Revenue management
  • Performance insights
  • Data export capabilities
  • Strategic account management

Innago has consistently earned higher ratings than AppFolio for its features. On Capterra, Innago received a 4.8-star rating for its features in general, while AppFolio received a 4.3. Furthermore, on G2, Innago received higher ratings than AppFolio for all of its features (besides one, where they tied).

Innago Has Better Customer Service

Both Innago and AppFolio have a help center full of educational articles and training videos. Innago is also known for hosting webinars to help new users and will even schedule personalized demos by request.

AppFolio provides its users with a speedy live chat system with less than a two-minute wait time. Innago offers a live chat, but only during business hours. 

On the flipside, AppFolio only offers phone support by appointment, whereas Innago offers personalized phone and email support anytime. Every account at Innago is assigned a representative whose phone and email information you receive. During business hours, you can reach your specific representative, and after hours, you can almost always reach someone on the general support line (though it isn’t guaranteed to be your specific representative).

Innago has consistently received higher ratings than AppFolio for its customer service. G2 stated, “When comparing quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that Innago is the preferred option.”  On Trustpilot, Innago scored 4.9 out of 5 for customer service, while AppFolio only scored a 3.3.


While AppFolio and Innago are both among the most respected property management software companies out there, it’s hard to deny that Innago has the edge.

On Capterra, 84.7% of reviewers for AppFolio said they were likely to recommend the platform, compared to 97.4% of reviewers for Innago. 

When you look at Innago’s affordability, high-quality features, and excellent customer support, it’s easy to see why it garners so much praise. 

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