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Wie is De Ex Van Andy Van Der Meijde?

Andy van der Meijde is a former Dutch professional footballer who was a part of the Dutch national team and played for various clubs in the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy. He is now retired and is a popular figure in the Dutch media. As such, his personal life is often a topic of conversation. One of the most talked-about aspects of his life is his past relationships – particularly his ex-girlfriend.

Who is Andy van der Meijde’s Ex?

Andy van der Meijde’s ex-girlfriend is the Dutch singer and songwriter, Anouk. Anouk is a well-known musician who has had a successful career in the Dutch music industry. She is best known for her albums Urban Solitude, Together Alone, and Who’s Your Momma? as well as her hit singles "Nobody’s Wife" and "Girl".

The two were together for a number of years and were considered one of the most recognizable celebrity couples in the Netherlands. They announced their break-up in 2006, but they remain close friends and Anouk is often seen supporting Andy during his football matches.

Exploring the Past Relationship

The couple met in 2002 and instantly hit it off. They were together for four years, during which time they were often seen together in public. They were considered to be one of the most popular and glamorous couples in the Netherlands and their relationship was often the subject of the Dutch media.

The couple announced their break-up in 2006 and it was reported that the split was amicable. Since then, both Anouk and Andy have gone on to have successful careers in their respective fields.

Andy van der Meijde and Anouk were one of the most popular celebrity couples in the Netherlands and their relationship was often the subject of the media. Although they are no longer together, they remain close friends and Anouk is often seen supporting Andy during his football matches.

Andy Van Der Meijde is a Dutch football player and former football team captain who played for Feyenoord, Ajax, and several other European teams, including FC Twente, Sparta Rotterdam, and FC Den Haag. He was a prolific goalscorer who also represented his country in international football competitions.

So who is the ex-girlfriend of Andy Van Der Meijde? She is no other than the Dutch model, Yolanthe Cabau. Born in 1985, Yolanthe is no stranger to the spotlight as she is an actress and TV host who has appeared in numerous TV shows, movies, and Dutch soap operas.

Yolanthe and Andy have a colourful love story that started in 2006, when they first met at a party. They dated for nearly six years, until 2012 when they unfortunately split up. Yolanthe has since moved on with her current partner, Dutch soccer player Xabi Alonso, and the couple got married in 2017 and are now living in Madrid.

The ex-couple often speaks fondly of each other and it’s clear that there are still feelings between them. Yolanthe recently showed her support for Andy in an interview, where she praised his talents as a football player and as a person.

Overall, Yolanthe Cabau is the ex-girlfriend of Dutch football player Andy Van Der Meijde, who is a former captain of the Dutch national team and beloved former footballer. He and Yolanthe had a long-lasting relationship until 2012. Despite parting, they still remain friends and have moved on with their respective lives.

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